Working Online during the Covid 19 Pandemic

During the last few months, our lives have changed beyond recognition. Many people will find their stress and anxiety levels are much worse. I have been working online since lockdown and have been delighted to find that the clients I have seen online from beginning through to achieving their goals have had exactly the same benefit from the hypnotherapy as those whom I have seen face to face.

Zoom is a secure medium to use for online therapy. At first I was worried that it might 'freeze' or go offline and these things have happened but I have found ways of coping with these challenges and am now totally confident that it will not effect the process in a detrimental way but offers a safe way of engaging in therapy in these troubled times. There is no need to wait, don't put your mental health on the back burner, step forward and open the door to your new future.

Welcome to Open Door Hypnotherapy


A most exciting and modern approach, solution focused hypnotherapy enables you to focus on what you want in life rather than what you don't want, increases your confidence levels, enables you to take control of your life and be the person you have always wanted to be. Improved sleep, lowered stress, more energy, improvements in IBS, OCD, PTSD and other stress related conditions are just a few of the benefits.

Unlike the traditional 'talking therapies' such as counselling, you don't have to talk about past traumas. Using hypnotherapy means that your subconscious resolves past issues whilst you are asleep, this is why it works so quickly with most clients finding benefit immediately and finding resolution after only 8 - 12 sessions. *

Open Door Hypnotherapy, Peterborough is dedicated to you, the client, enabling you to take control of your life and achieve your full potential. Julie Larrington is working online using Zoom during the pandemic. 


Testimonials *

I have lived with Anxiety since 2005 its been a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs trying all sorts of medication and self help techniques, at the end of December it came back and hit me very hard I was struggling to cope, I went back on medication but from past experience I knew that meds alone would not fix me so I contacted Julie at Open Door Hypnotherapy I can't thank Julie enough for the support she has given me. Julie does this at this difficult time over a zoom meeting which is easy enough for anyone with a computer or tablet, she then does the sessions in the same way I found these as effective as her face to face meetings we had before the lockdown.

Colin B. - May 2020

Julie is incredibly talented at putting you at ease & her passion for helping you is obvious... extremely knowledgeable about the brain & emotions & how to empty your stress bucket!! Life can be really tough sometimes...& I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, or have any doubt about Julies ability to help anyone needing it.

This is hypnotherapy with a difference because she sets you up so skillfully in feeling positive & empowered by talking things through first. She is incredibly Intuitive. I have slept better, felt better prepared for work, & the sessions have made an enormous impact on coping with difficult life events.

Anita R - August 2019

Julie is a very warm and understanding lady. She has recently helped me through one of the most difficult and challenging times of my life. From the first session I felt reassured and uplifted, I felt by working with Julie I had the confidence that I could overcome this "crippling anxiety " I was experiencing, something I had never gone through before. After a few sessions life was looking up, as Julie had given me the knowledge and tools to deal with thoughts and negative feelings. I am now feeling back to myself, happy, optimistic and positive. I would highly recommend Julie and her healing approach to anyone who is currently struggling.

Jo C. -  Oct. 2017

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*Please note that time frames and results vary for each client and cannot be guaranteed.