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Anger Management​

People seem to be very 'shouty' these days. Parents shouting at their children, drivers shouting at other drivers, everyone shouting at everyone else. When people become angry and get into a rage, words pour out of their mouths, words that are usually hurtful, spiteful, and harmful and probably not entirely true, it's just how that person is feeling at the moment that they are shouting, not necessarily expressing facts but facts as seen by them at that moment.

'Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me.' What a load of tosh. Broken bones heal, the damage caused by words can last forever. Once it has been said, it can never be unsaid. You can say sorry as many times as you like, you cannot take back the words. The best thing, therefore, is not to say them, not to lose your temper, to stay calm and express yourself in a clear calm way, and that, for many people, is easier said than done. 

I expect the original reason for anger and shouting would have been to frighten off wild animals so they didn't eat us and to defend ourselves against our enemies.  When we are consumed with anger, we are pumping out stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, this increases our strength as our 'fight/flight' reflex kicks in. It's all down to our original primitive survival needs and, in my opinion, has no place in our modern lives.

Using hypnotherapy for anger enables us to be calmly angry, quietly and firmly expressing our opinions and thoughts calmly and assertively. It is far more powerful to stay calm. Lose your temper and you lose the battle. Stay calm and you stay in control.

Ok, so why? 

As I just said, becoming violently angry is a primitive brain response. Our primitive brain takes control when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or pressured. Our primitive brain doesn't think things through, it just reacts with the same ancient responses our ancestors would have used to protect and defend themselves. This isn't helpful for us.

In order to behave in a calm and controlled way, we first have to lower our stress levels. The primitive brain will then relax and our intellectual mind takes control. This is the part of our brain that makes us human and was the last part to develop. When we use our intellectual mind, we are in control, calm and confident, in fact, everything we want to be.

Hypnotherapy is fantastic for helping us to deal with stress, lowering our anxiety and helping us to see things clearly. Uncontrolled anger becomes a thing of the past as we learn to be assertive and calm. We are able to take a measured response and be the person we want to be, controlled and calm.

Hypnotherapy for anger management is a profoundly effective way of overcoming difficulties with anger. You can become the calm and assertive person you want to be.

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