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Anxiety and Depression

Probably one of the major causes of lost working days, anxiety and depression are starting to be accepted as  medical conditions as, thankfully, the stigma attached to mental illness diminishes. Because of past misconceptions, many people feel ashamed about their mental health. They feel they should be able to cope. 

I expect that most of us have experienced 'down' days, but depression is so much more complicated than that. For the depressed person, it's difficult to see 'the point'. Life seems pointless, why do they keep going through that stressful routine, it would just be easier not to. 

There are some people who are obviously depressed, easily reduced to tears, having 'melt downs'. There are others who are termed as 'high functioning'. These people look fine, they seem to be cheerful and put on a convincing front but inside they are suffering that same thing, 'what's the point?', 'why am I doing this?' 'Why is everything such hard work?'

On the opposite end of the same scale is anxiety. Existing in a world of semi-panic is exhausting. Worrying about everything. Things crowd in until a panic attack happens. When someone has a panic attack, their heart races, they sweat, their ears pound, their breathing becomes fast as they hyperventilate and they feel as though they are dying. It's very serious and they are likely to get taken to A and E in case they are having a heart attack, the symptoms can be so severe.

What causes all of this?

Depression and anxiety start very slowly. When we are in stressful circumstances, we can start to feel overwhelmed. In the beginning, we might just feel more tired than usual, we might start to have difficulty sleeping, waking up in the morning feeling just as tired as we did when we went to bed. Often, sleeping patterns are disrupted, waking up frequently during the night and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. 

As our anxiety levels increase, the primitive brain starts to take over. This is the part of our brain that developed in cave man times.

For the caveman, the primitive brain, being purely about survival, was all he needed. If he was in his cave and looked out to see that it was too snowy, icy or dangerous for him to go outside, he would have grabbed the nearest bearskin, wrapped himself up in it and he wouldn't have moved until circumstances changed and you can see how this relates to our modern day symptoms of depression. For the caveman, it would have kept him safe, for us, it is not helpful and explains why it is so hard for some depressed people to leave their house.

Conversely, when the caveman was out in the jungle, it would have been a good thing for him to have had his hand on the 'panic button'. Anxiety would have kept him in a high state of alertness, producing the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol would have kept him in an ideal state for fighting or fleeing. For us, being in this state can be quite debilitating.

The more depressed or anxious we become, the more the primitive brain takes over. This part of our brain operates within the primitive parameters of anger, anxiety and depression and is always negative, it will always see things from the worst possible perspective. The more negative we are, the more overwhelmed we feel, our symptoms get worse and we become trapped in that negative cycle.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression is amazingly effective at overcoming those negative symptoms. We begin by helping you to be more positive and use hypnotherapy to enable this. It's a gradual process but I have seen countless clients overcoming their anxiety and depression and achieving happiness and stability, restoring them to their former selves with the added benefit of having lifelong tools to use to maintain their mental health. Hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression really can enable you to become the person you want to be, contact me now.

Corona Virus

There is no need to put your mental health on hold. Obviously I am not seeing anyone face to face right now but I am working via video link. You might be surprised to know that hypnotherapy is just as effective online as it is face to face with none of the risk so get in touch and book your free initial consultation.

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