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Beyond hypnotherapy

Sano - to make whole and restore   Mente - of the mind   Ology - the study and research of

Our conscious mind is a very small part of the brain (4%) yet it's the part that we want to be in control. We use our conscious mind to interact with others, to make our decisions and to live our lives. The main part of our brain is our subconscious or unconscious mind (96%). This is the part of which we are unaware. It works continually in the background taking care of us. It manages our heartbeat, our breathing all the general day to day body functions that we take for granted. It constantly safeguards us, alerting us to danger and protecting us but, unfortunately, sometimes it gets it wrong and makes erroneous connections believing that situations are dangerous and activating the fight/flight response unnecessarily. This is what happens when we suffer from fears and phobias. It is also what happens when we develop chronic conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia PTSD, etc.. It over-rules the logic of the conscious mind and we can find ourselves behaving in unhelpful ways e.g. panicking at the sight of a spider.

 Sanomentology reaches the unconscious mind, gets to the root of the problem, untangles the issue and allows the mind to reroute its programming for the better with the client having a pleasant and positive experience.

What can Sanomentology help you with?  It would be easier to answer what Sanomentology can't help you with - I can't think of anything so the best thing to do is contact me and ask the question.

Programmes and Pricing

Rapid Pain Relief                                                                                   £100 per session

Many people suffer with chronic unresolved pain, both physical and emotional. The initial injury has long gone but the pain continues with traditional medicine only offering ever more invasive and addictive pain relief. 

Fears and Phobias                                                                                  £100 per session

Usually resolved in one session, the list is endless. Driving, flying, bridges, spiders - you name it, I've probably come across it.

Habits                                                                                                       £100 per session

Nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling etc.. Usually resolved in one session.

Weight Management - Gain or Loss                                                   £300  2 sessions

Lose or gain weight without trying or dieting. No counting calories, no messages about what you should or shouldn't eat. You already know how to eat but you are finding that knowledge is being constantly overridden by unhelpful thoughts and feelings resulting in actions that are not helping to achieve the weight you want to be. By directly addressing the unconscious mind, you will be able to eat appropriately for the weight you want to be.

Addictions                                                                                                £800  4-5 sessions 

Drugs, smoking, gambling, shopping, eating (binge eating, bulimia, anorexia), sex, anything that is done to excess to the detriment of the client and those around him / her.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                           £800 4- 5 sessions  

Talking about past trauma makes it worse and worse. Using metaphors and directly accessing the subconscious mind enables the client to leave the pain behind and move forward and achieve their potential and the life they want.                                                                                              

Self development   

There doesn't have to be something wrong for you to want to grow as a person, increasing your confidence and achieving your potential.

The LAF Process -move toward love for yourself and for others, leave fear behind.                                 £250 one session

The BAC UP Plan - belief and confidence upgrade.                                                                                         £250 one session

The Full Resolute Pact - Resolve issues from the past and open your mind to a wonderful future.        £500 one session (up to 3 hours)


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