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Self Confidence

'I wish I was more like her'.          

'He's bound to get the promotion'.

Comparing ourselves to others is a major reason for a lack of confidence. We look to others to make us happy. We think the next pay-rise, promotion, newer car, bigger house etc. will give us what we need to face the world.

All of these things are superficial. Today it will help, tomorrow it will be old and those feelings of inadequacy will return.

No one can make you happy. True happiness comes from within. When you are happy with yourself, your confidence and self esteem will grow and your happiness will no longer depend on others or your circumstances.

You can learn to overcome your insecurities. You can learn to like yourself and to cope in challenging circumstances. You can learn to be confident and self-assured. Above all, you can learn to stop comparing yourself with others and to delight in being the person you were meant to be.

True confidence and self esteem come when you are content and happy with yourself. That doesn't mean that you have to be perfect but that you can learn to accept yourself as you are today whilst working toward being better tomorrow.

If you lack confidence, you may find it difficult to contact me but be brave, I am here to help you to increase your confidence and I can only do that if I can empathise and encourage you and that is what I will do. Coming to an initial consultation will show you how your brain works, why you are suffering the way you are and how I can help you. Just gaining understanding makes most people feel better immediately. You will leave with a free hypnotherapy MP3 and simple techniques to get you started on your journey to being the person you want to be. 

Open Door Hypnotherapy, Peterborough, does just that, it opens the door to your new, confident life. Leave anxiety, stress, depression and anger behind, 

Hypnotherapy is amazing in helping increase confidence levels. You will just start feeling and behaving more confidently. You don't become a different person, you simply start to access the amazing person you were born to be, the person that has been hidden beneath anxiety and stress. *

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