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Weight Management

Loss or Gain

I have worked in the field of weight loss and management for twenty years and setting realistic targets and expectations is an essential part of achieving long term success.

Many people can make the mistake of blaming all of their difficult circumstances on their excess weight. Their thinking is, 'if only I were thinner, I'd be happy'. The disappointment on reaching their desired weight to find that the only thing that has changed is their outward appearance can be enough to cause them to eat their way straight back to their original weight. Hypnotherapy alongside weight loss can enable you to deal with the root issues that caused your disordered eating so that, when you achieve your goal weight, you can maintain it because the underlying issues have been dealt with.

Overeating and under-eating are symptoms, two sides of the same coin. Often this is reflected in an extremely restricted diet.  Changing our lives and, most importantly, learning to like and accept ourselves is the only way we can then manage our weight.

Trying new food and increasing the selection of food being eaten is so exciting. Being limited to a narrow choice of food doesn't just restrict the food but is also restricting socially. 

As a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, I am able to help you set realistic goals and walk your journey with you, whether that is weight loss or weight gain and help you to balance your weight when you reach your target. *

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